How To Make Money With Focus groups?

How To Make Money With Focus Groups | Are focus groups a good way to make money
Are focus groups a good way to make money

What Are Focus Groups?

Focus Groups or Market Research Groups are used by research companies and brands to gather opinions and information about a service and/or products before they have been developed and introduced to the market. Also, researchers can use Focus groups to improve existing products and/or services to increase sales.

A focus group contains between 5 to 10 participants, and they are choosing after filling an online questioner. An experienced moderator that manages the group will design a discussion guide for the participants with all the topics needed to be covered in the discussion required by the brand or the research company.

Paid market research can be done online, over the phone, video calls, or face-to-face meetings at your own home or at the companies location. Most focus groups last for one hour or more. Researchers are more often interested in participants of all ages, but if you’re between 18 and 35 you can be recruited more often than others (of course that will depend on the kind of research needed).

By participating in focus groups, you can expect to get paid between £50.00 and up to £1000 depends on the type of research needed, and how long it will take. The payment is made through a prepaid debit card, Amazon gift card, or cash.

What Type Of Topics Are Covered In Focus Groups Discussion

One of the popular research types is product testing. Before attending the discussion, the market research company will send you a product to test. This could be hair, beauty, food and drinks, alcohol, mobile phones, sports equipment, kitchen equipment, and more. After you receive the product, you will need to use it and write down notes about it to be able to give full, and honest feedback.

Are Focus Groups Worth It?

Yes, focus groups are worth it, and by participating in paid focus groups you can make a good extra income. All you have to do is sharing your honest opinion and feedback about certain products or services.

If you’re working full time and looking for extra income, you can try to participate in paid research groups. There are many focus groups held after working hours or on the weekend, so if you’re working on a full-time job you can still participate.

How To Find Paid Focus Groups?

You can find paid focus groups by searching Google or social media like Linkedin and Facebook. Also, many of the legit paid market research companies or paid focus groups advertise locally. Here are some paid market research (focus groups) websites list you can check out.

  1. Focus group
  2. Recruit And Field
  3. Experience Dynamics
  4. Mindswarms
  5. Engage Studies
  6. SIS International Research

I will be updating and adding more links to this list later.

Focus Groups Advantages And Disadvantage


  • By participating in market research groups, you can make a good side income of up to £1000.
  • You can be working full time and still be able to get recruited in after working hours groups.
  • If you can’t leave home for any reason you can participate in the home visit market research groups.
  • You can receive free products to test and keep. (This is similar to social media product reviews).


  • The paid market research opportunity is not easy to find in the beginning.
  • Many websites claim that they provide paid market research opportunities just to get you registered.
  • It’s not a regular side income, you can have a few opportunities in one month and nothing in the following two months.


Paid Focus Group is a different way for research marketing companies to collect consumers opinion and feedback about products and/or services before it is developed.

Researches can also be done on products / or services already on the market for improvements and finding or developing the best marketing strategies to increase sales.

You can make a good side income by participating in focus research group discussions. Search and register with more than one marketing research company and you might find more available opportunities. So give it a try!

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