How to Ship Internationally From any Store in the World

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How to Ship Internationally From any Store in the World

Sometimes when online shoppers find something that they like at an overseas online store, they can’t get the item because the store doesn’t ship to their country. At such moments one would regret not having a friend or a relative living in the store’s country, which could help with shipping.

Parcl is a person-to-person shipping platform created to help shoppers get goods that don’t ship to their countries. I collected some of the most interesting facts that will give you an idea of what Parcl is.

  • Without owning a warehouse, Parcl can offer 1000+ secure forwarding addresses for shopping and shipping.
  • The new peer-to-peer service designed to help people overcome shipping limitations.

Top 20 Countries Where Parcl Has Forwarders

United States – United Kingdom – Italy – France – Australia – Spain – Canada and more

Key Features

Parcl is a community-driven shopping and shipping platform, where anyone in the world can become a shopper or a forwarder, or even both. The key features of Parcl are:

  • It’s free (neither shoppers, nor forwarders need to pay to register or use the service).
  • It’s beneficial both for shoppers, who enjoy having access to the best deals and discounts at stores all over the world, and forwarders, who can earn money by offering shipping services.
  • It’s very simple and straightforward – shopper posts a request, forwarder makes an offer, they negotiate the terms if needed and proceed with the delivery – all in one place.
  • It’s secure – all transactions are processed via PayPal, ensuring secure and fast payments (and refund guarantee).
  • Both shoppers and forwarders have ratings based on the number of their successful deals and level of profile completion.
  • It is designed by people for people.

How Parcl Works

Parcl has two gatherings of clients: customers and forwarders. On the off chance that you need assistance with conveyance or even with buy, you become a customer and make a conveyance demand. On the off chance that you feel that you can assist other individuals with worldwide shopping and sending, you register as a forwarder record and begin perusing customer demands. Anybody can turn into a customer or a forwarder, or even both.

The delivery process is pretty straightforward, when you experience it at any rate once and read the indications en route. To begin with, the customer presents an open conveyance demand or sends it secretly to explicit forwarders accessible in the store’s nation. Forwarder gets this solicitation and reacts with a conveyance offer containing a value quote. Customer can contact the forwarder to work out the subtleties of the arrangement. In the event that the customer prefers the forwarder’s offer, they can acknowledge it. If not, the offer can be declined, and the customer can send their solicitation to different forwarders accessible.

After the forwarder purchases (whenever mentioned) and gets things from the online store, they continue to give any extra administrations requested, (for example, repackaging, capturing substance, and so forth.) and answer to the customer. In the case of all is well, the customer affirms that the bundle might be delivered, and the forwarder sends the bundle to the customer. One particularly helpful element about Parcl is that the administration is coordinated with delivery bearers’ following instruments, so when a bundle touches base at goal, the customer gets notified.

Once a transaction is complete, shoppers and forwarders must leave feedback for each other. Reviews posted at Parcl suggest that the service works well, even though the process might seem confusing at first.

For More Information visit Parcl

Sharing Is Caring!
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