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Interesting Facts About Human Brain

Interesting Facts About The Brain Psychology

  • Human brain comprises about 60% of protein and fat.
  • About 70% of the brain is water
  • The brain weighs about three pounds
  • The human brain reaches full maturity when we reach 20-24 years of age
  • The brain contain about 79 billion cells
  • The part at the very back of the human brain is responsible for vision
  • Human brain requires lots of energy in order to function.
  • When we are awake, the brain is able to produce about 20 Watts of power
  • It gets about 20% of the oxygen and the blood produced in our body
  • When we grow older our brain is unable to remove old memories which affects our ability to remember new information and ideas
  • Stress can affect the brain cells, function, and structure

Facts About The Brain

Interesting Facts About The Brain

  • The brain’s power of imagination can transform you physically.
  • Has the ability to form a mental image beyond the five senses.
  • The ability to manifest thoughts in various forms, few of which are dreams, life changes, and healing. The power of imagination can create a whole world inside the human’s mind.
  • Some people are more sensitive to cold due to certain channels that send information to the brain.
  • Brain waves are more active while sleeping than when we’re awake
  • Humans thoughts can reach up to 70,000 a day
  • Lack of sleep can affect brain ability to create new memory
  • While insulin regulates the blood sugar in the body, it’s present in the brain helps to improve and promote memory.
  • A lack of concentration is a lack of sleep
  • There are 5 main function of the brain, learning, memory recall, creativity, imagination, and thinking


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