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can you really make money doing surveys online
can you really make money doing surveys online

Can You Really Make Money Doing Surveys Online?

If you search on google how to make money online, you will find many websites and blogs that gives you many ideas related to making money online. One of this is surveys. But can you make money with surveys? Here I will tell you the truth about online surveys based on my own experience with using surveys websites. But first let me give you an idea about surveys websites and what they are.

What is survey website?

A survey website is a company that you register with to answer questions for research companies that needs consumers opinion about  new products or services before they launched. They need to know if you will be interested to buy those products, or services to be able to know how many customer might buy them to determine the profit they might gain out of those products and services. sometimes the products or services are already on the market, but the companies need some feedback to improve them to sell more.

Those research marketing companies reach out to survey websites to advertise the surveys with them. Then the survey website forward them to you when you register with them to answer questions based on your geolocation, or some surveys can be for worldwide consumers. When you answer the surveys you get a voucher or cash.

Can You Make money With Surveys Websites? And Is It Worth Your Time?

I have registered with many survey website to make money, but I didn’t, Why? Because those website that you see online on other blogs are an affiliates who work under an affiliate networks. The money you get paid to answer those surveys is a lot less than what they (survey websites) earn from the research companies, eg; If the actual price for a survey is $10 you will online get from 0.40 cent to $1.50. The problem here is that some of those websites don’t even pay you after you reach the threshold amount. So you might spend half an hour per day to answer questions, but you will not get your money at the end.

can you make a living doing surveys
can you make a living doing surveys

How Can You Make Money With Surveys?

The only way you can make money with surveys is to go directly to the research websites and register with them. You might need to register with more than one, and you will not get many surveys as you will get with the survey websites, but you will be paid more ( to to $50) and you will get paid on time.

How To Find A Research Websites?

You can find them buy searching on google, or through an affiliate networks. You need to make sure that this networks are the oldest networks as some new networks are also an affiliate and you will not find much money there.

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